Madania Times

11:19:20, 26 November 2019 Muhamad Chori Zikrin

With the applied curriculum, writing skill has been the ultimate language skill trained to higher secondary students in EL sessions, particularly grade 10-11. Current grade 11 students have been producing compositions published on their on wordpress accounts since last year. Yup, they’ve been blogging with various topics, mostly non-fictions. They came out interesting and the project was indeed a motivating and inspiring showcase among themselves.

This year, at the end of the first semester, as planned we are publishing them in different media, a digital magazine titled “Madania Times!”, fully guided by Mr. G and I. The articles provided are mostly based on the tasks given on the text book. Mr. G has been excitedly designing the site and making it possible to accommodate the various writings they have so far, from diary to campaign texts from an informative piece to mind-provoking essays, and even making it catchy and inviting.

Please anticipate its coming to you soon to soothe and enrich your minds that will take your imagination away to a world spot like no other. (Yuyun Wachyuniah)

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