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 F O R E W O R D 

Effective teachers are teachers who earn the trust from their students. They gain the trust because they are trustworthy. They are trustworthy because they have good behavior competencies and good knowledge and skills as educators. Pure and simple.

Madania Educational Innovation Center (MEIC) is determined to continually shape teachers that can gain trust. We help them so that they are able to guide their students to be great not only academically and intellectually, but also emotionally, socially, and spiritually This includes their ability in shaping their  students’ social and spiritual aspects.

Our commitment is to continually conduct training programs and inspirational sessions for teachers to become effective, inspiring, spiritual educators and role models for their students. This is our commitment. To create superior teachers to create superior students who will contribute to a better life. Their own and the nation’s.

Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat



It was all started with some friends who   used   to   gather   and   share concerns and thoughts on what is wrong with the development of our educators in this beloved country. It seemed everybody was busy with the curriculum and the “system”, then education, instead of the educators.

Most of us did not have the answer, because we did not know the route. Some of us   continued   complaining. Some even decided not to think   about   it,   and   there was some of us decided to continue the gathering.

And one day, suddenly one of us said “why don’t we just start?” a simple sentence which been heard and said too many times. We were all stunned and asked “Yes! Why not start?” But then again one of us asked “how do we start? From where? When?”

We  did  not  realize  who  started  it, but then all those questions were answered. a  crystal clear, start with what we have. Here! Now!

Courageous steps were started…

Our hearts were firm. There we were, people with dedication and high commitment from different background who all decided to stop complaining and talking, and start working.

One of us decided to leave an important prestigious position in one department. One of us decided to leave a very  important position at a multinational consulting firm, one of the best human resources consulting firms in the world.
Many of Madania’s educators, principal, headmasters spent more time and energy and extra heartfelt effort to start planning, what we can do for our fellow educators.
All for the same reason: building a learning society and inspiring transformation.

This is it. We have decided to become consultants for education and educators. We have decided to start.



We believe that all humans were born to learn and spread what they have learned to others so others can benefit, learn, and grow.

Becoming a learner is a God given right. One of the reason why one was born was to learn from God’s knowledge. No matter how little one learns, it is destined to be useful for others.

Life always teaches us through changes and transformations. Most of us have transformed to a place that we know a better place to help people to learn. A place where we can give.

Along the way, we receive inspiration to transform continuously in life, that is why we wish to share and spread this inspiration to the little powerful world called education and take people in the transformation with us.

We are people from different backgrounds with different expertise. All working together to give what we have now: the shared ideas of making Indonesia a better place to continuously learn.


Your Consultants

Here at Madania EIC, we have consultants who are ready to assist anybody keen to transform themselves or others to become better learners. They are:

Sadrah Rianto, Program Director.
Sadrah is a consultant who has over 15 years of experience in developing human resources that includes leadership capability development and social and behavioral competencies development.

Prof. Dr. Komaruddin Hidayat, Counselor.
Mas Komar is a motivator and naturally an inspiring counselor who has expertise in developing emotional and spiritual intelligence. He dedicates his life to the development of learning.

Ardina JK Utomo, Consultant.
Dina is a reliable consultant in the field of coaching, counseling, and personality development. She has over 15 years of experience in the United States and Indonesia.


 Muhamad Wahyuni Nafis, Educational Consultant
Nafis is Madania School Principal, Head of Paramadina Islamic Studies, Living Values Education trainer, author of several books, among them is Sembilan Jalan untuk Cerdas Emosi dan Cerdas Spiritual (2006) and behavioral analysis consultant. More than 10 years actively providing training in several schools and often involved in researching social-culture issues and politics.


 Warih Wijayanti, Educational Consultant
Warih is an educational practitioner who has more than 13 years experience in early childhood education and curriculum development. She has experiences as a school headmaster, department head of research and development, national trainer, and coach.


 Wuri Handayani, Educational Consultant
Wuri is Madania School Senior Coach who has over 13 years experience in education. She has experiences as primary and secondary school headmasters, principal, and a national trainer.






  • Who am I as a Teacher
  • Introduction to Holistic Education
  • Behavior Competencies for Educators
  • Interactive Learning
  • How to Create Effective Classroom Management
  • Creating Workable Lesson Plan
  • Integrated Studies
  • Learning Styles and Modalities
  • Multiple Intelligences and Their Application in Class


  • A Paradigm of Effective Educators
  • Understanding by Design for Effective Unit Plan
  • Six Thinking Hats for Effective Problem Solving
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Comprehensive Teaching Using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Build Self Awareness of Bully Free School
  • Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
  • Eight Big Ideas in Teaching
  • Educate Special Educational Need (SEN) Student in Inclusive School
  • Encouraging Students’ Inquiry in Science Class
  • Presentation Skill for Educators
  • How to Teach Reading Comprehension
  • Introducing Students to Study Skills
  • Enhancing Students’ Study Skills
  • Teaching Mathematics for Better Understanding
  • Writing Workshop
  • Questioning Technique for Better Students’ Understanding


  • Education from the Heart
  • Accelerating Teaching Using “Brain Based Learning”
  • Educational Psychology
  • Understanding Human Development for Better Education
  • Managing Students’ Discipline Through Restitution
  • Classroom Action Research Skills for Teachers


  • Behavior-based Interview
  • Behavior-based Performance Management
  • Strategic Behavior-based Recruitment
  • Basic Leadership Development
  • Effective Team Building


  • School Development Program
  • Executive Coaching for School Development
  • Building Vision & Mission
  • Behavior Competency Modelling
  • Behavior Competency Assessment
  • Leadership Capability Development
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