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  Madania Institute of Sophia Perennis

The Indonesian Context

Indonesia has experienced a rich source of religiousity intellectuality and spirituality. But at the same time it is not uncontaminated with the modern perception of Reality. This led to the degeneration of knowledge until separation (between the Divine and man) and dispersion (between the sciences). Spirituality loses its intellectuality, hence it has been reduced to mere morality and dry religiousity. Sciences no longer pasess the Divine presence. Intellectuality, on the other hand, has been reduced to mere rationality. This reduction, and separation, has a great impact on the individual and society.


•Unity of knowledge has disappeared and multiplicity dominates. The multiplicity no longer recognizes the unity which harmonizes all sciences.
•This has led to the separation of all sciences, but most important of all the spiritual or Divine aspect of sciences.
•The consequences of this separation appears in human life, psychologically in terms of emotions and the way we see things. When our lives are based on knowledge without the Divine, then all the crises creep into our lives, both individual and social.

The “Return to” and “Revival of” Divine knowledge

We sense so strongly the necessity to return to our primordial nature and revive the spirit within. We have no intention to create a “a new” humankind or spiritualism but we intend to return to our Divine origin and then revive the Divine within us. This needs a totally focussed effort and a well organized educational insitution. Therefore, this institute will provide the means to return and to revive through its curriculum.

The foundation’s decree :

–To carry out programs for the development and dissemination that all knowledge is sacred in the form of advance degree programs, public lectures & national and international seminars.

–To be a center of excellence in terms of a higher learning institution, research and publications in the field of Education, Philosophy and Esoterism.

Our Hope
Our hope is more essential than progress. We hope that this sacred intention will appear concretely in this institute as the center for the education of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions. We humbly hope that the students, will graduate as humans who are spiritually and intellectually accomplished


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