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Madania Grant 2014

The annual program, Madania Scholarship for the year 2014 was begun in February and ended in March. The time was set for the completion of the whole selection process  which revealed eight excellent students. The delivery of the Grant was officially conducted on Wednesday, 1st of April 2014.The agenda was opened the School Director, Bapak M. Wahyuni Nafis who explained that the provision of this Grant is an achievement which  should stimulate and create more success in the future.  Here are the winners of Madania Grant 2014:

Madania Grant Selection for Kindergarten
Grant 100% Development Fee
- Muthia Tsabitha  (Madania Kindergarten Jakarta)
- Laskar Minoru Matamahasin Lubis (Kinderfield)

Grant 50% Development Fee
- Athaya Luna Putri  (Madania Kindergarten Bogor)
- Natasha Ribka Sihombing (TK Regina Pacis)

Potential Selection Program
Lower Secondary - Grant 100% Development Fee
- Aliza Puspa Salsabila (Madania Primary School)
- Ulwan Terry Attartsauri  (Sekolah Bina Tunas Cemerlang)

Higher Secondary - Grant 100% Development Fee
- M. Aditya Hilmy (Madania Lower Secondary School)
- Gabari Maska Mahasin Lubis (SMP Lab School Kebayoran)

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