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A Special Note for Ode Rimba Raya

Musical drama is a powerful form of art because its unique balance of thought and feeling makes learning exciting, challenging relevant to real-life concerns, and enjoyable. It also enriches children through performance, and builds social and communication skills, and improves their self-esteem and confidence. All of those skills were performed in a fantastic fable show titled \'Ode Rimba Raya’ and were presented nicely by a hundred and fifty Madania Primary Students from grade 3, 4 and 5 on March 28th 2015 at Usmar Ismail Theatre - Kuningan, Jakarta. The musical drama Ode Rimba Raya was adapted from an original script ‘Serigala Sakit Gigi’ written by Irvan Mulyadie and was directed by a talented director A. Azis Wahyudi. It tells about the adventure of the main characters ‘Wolf’ and other animals in the jungle.

Ode Rimba Raya was supported by the Music, Art and Theatre teachers under the supervision of Pak Syaiful Haq who had a great collaboration with all Madania Primary teachers. The musical drama was packed with happy songs and nice melodies led by musical director Dessy Sophianty. A special song was created by Pak Aziz with the same title, and all dances were choreographed by a creative young man name Zhaya Fadhillah.  For this show, Madania Primary had a special  guest star performance from Ibu Shahnaz Haque who helped us for the whole process of this show. The process of rehearsals took about 5 months, involving all parts of the whole drama musical; Choir, Percussions, Pianica & Xylophone, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Gamelan  and Dalang, Solis, and the actors/actress as the main characters.  We were quite worried when the students performance was getting nearer since their energy had been spent for the preparation. You can imagine how busy the costume team under Ibu Yani’s coordination in preparing costume designs for different characters, choosing fabrics and sewing them until finish. They did it in their tight and limited time and working hours.

Finally, all could see how great and unique the costumes for the students were. The big efforts, hard work and good coordination from all crew of Primary teachers including supports from other departments finally came to the end. The first sight when the audience came inside was the attractive artistic stage created by the artistic team under Pak Dwi’s coordination, which portrays a jungle. The students with bright and colorful cos- tumes, beautiful stage make-up and interesting dances presented a great show and entertained the audience of Ode Rimba Raya amazingly.  Each of the performers did a great job, especially the Choir students as the background of the show sang happily although they had to stay on stage from the beginning till the end of the play. All the audience was excited and satisfied during the show and they gave a standing applause when it was finished.  What a precious closing for us. We were really happy, touched and also proud of our students for the marvelous work they had done.

Special thanks we sent to Ibu Tari as the Production Manager, and all lovely production teams and crew of Ode Rimba Raya from MAT and Primary teachers, whose hard work and big support had made this musical drama happen. Last but not least, we should give plenty of gratitude and appreciation to all parents who had supported us. Bravo Madania Primary. (Rina Chan)

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