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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Saturday, 2nd of 2012, representing Kabupaten Bogor, I competed in the State level National Science Olympics for the Physics competition in Hotel Pesona Bamboe, Lembang. I was accompanied by Ibu Dini Damayanti from Madania and a supervisor from a school in Bogor. Contestant s were obligated to enter the location of competition on the 31st of May, to receive training by the tutors provided. The tutors explained all the materials incredibly clearly and understandably, and that includeed a  motivational speech by one of the tutors. After been given a tutor, contestants went to their rooms; each room consisted of five students from  the same area. And then we had dinner and went to bed.
On the second day, after breakfast, we received two more sessions of tutoring before the opening of the competition on Friday afternoon. However, I only received one tutoring, since I caught a fever before the second session began. Finally on the afternoon, the opening began. We received speeches from many different people commenting about how we should succeed to the National round. Night fell, and we had a rest before the big day. Finally the day is here! At 8’o clock in the morning the test began, and although it was pretty hard, I tried my best. Unfortunately the results came up and I didn’t pass to the next round. But I had such an amazing and spectacular experience, and I didn’t regret it. (Pram)

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