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Lomba Siswa Berprestasi Tingkat Kabupaten Bogor
Monday, May 02, 2011

Last Tuesday (12 April), I went to Al-Madinah Islamic School in Cibinong to participate in the Siswa Berprestasi competition. The Siswa Berprestasi competition was held by the Departemen Pendidikan Nasional or Diknas. I went there with five other eighth graders and an eleventh grader. I didn’t think I would make it to the top 10 because I found out that I would be participating in the competition on Thursday (7/4) and I was absent after that. I didn’t even prepare anything for the competition aside from my CV and an essay. But turns out this impressed the judge, as did the result of my written test, since I made it to the top 10 along with the other five eighth graders
from Madania. After a long day of doing the written test and being interviewed by one of the judges, I went home. I didn’t know the results ye then, and although I thought that I aced the test and the interview, I still didn’t think that I would make it to the top 10. But then I got a call and apparently, I made it to the top 10. This means that I must go back to Al-Madinah Islamic School the next day. I was told that I would have to show my talent. I was also told that I would have to prepare a scientific work along with an essay about it and I would also have to think about how I would present the scientific work. After a while of thinking I decided to make a periscope. I pulled an all-nighter to make the periscope, an essay about it, and a slide presentation. I was so exhausted when I was done. I was quite satisfied with the periscope even though it didn’t work perfectly, but that was the best I could make inonly a few hours.
Again, the seven of us (since the eleventh grader made it to the high school top 10 too) went to Al-Madinah Islamic School. I thought I did quite well in the showing-your-talent section but still I didn’t hold out much hope. I waited with the others and finally in the afternoon, the judges started to call our names and told us when we were going to present our scientific work. I got the last turn. I presented my work and I felt like I did my best. But even then I still felt like I’m not going to win. I went home with three of the participants. On the way home, we got a call. Apparently I won first place! Zena, a friend of mine who was also a participant, won too. She was third place. It was kind of unbelievable for me because I really didn’t prepare much. Last but not least, it was a great experience to have joined the the Siswa Berprestasi competition and I am very glad I had the opportunity! (Fhaya 8D)

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