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Grade 7 - Scale Project
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In math lesson, students learn about factors and multiples. The skill of factoring a number and its application to finding the least common multiple (LCM) or the greatest common factor (GCF) is a key element of future algebraic skills and concepts. They need to be able to factor with confidence and apply this knowledge in multiple situations. Students must also be able to discern which application, (LCM or GCF) the situation requires and applies it correctly. This lesson emphasizes both the skill of factoring and its applications in problem situations. 7th graders were also excited to do a very important project using scale. Even due date of the project is 1st October, some of students have finished before the date. In "Scale Project" they had to measure their room, bed, drawer, and many other
things in their room and made the miniature in precise scale and measurement. The students can show their creativity, they can use stereo foam, wood, colourful paper, and many other things to build the miniature. Can’t wait to see their awesome project, Good luck! (Lisa).

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