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Grade 11 - Blood type test
Friday, June 15, 2012

Have you done a blood donation or blood transfusion? If you have, before you did it, you will be asked about your blood type. Did you? Blood is a complex, living tissue that contains many cell types and proteins. Distinct molecules called antigens are attached to the surface of red blood cells. There are two different types of antigen, type A and type B. Each type has different properties. The ABO blood type classification system uses the presence or absence of these molecules to categorize blood into four types: A, B, AB, and O. This blood type is inherited genetically. The discovery of human blood groups was made in 1901 by the famous Aus- trian scientist Dr. Karl Landsteiner. He won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Another blood type system  is Rh, determined by the presence of Rh agglutinogen.

This  week, the 11th graders had laboratory work about blood typing. Using the theory of heredity and blood agglutination, students determined their own blood types. They used four kinds of serum to see which antigens they had in their red blood cells. At first, some of them were scared. But then they found that this activity was exciting. (Devi). ‰

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